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Thank you to all the artists who helped make this project a success! Rising Artist submissions are currently closed, but stay tuned for future contests and chances to promote your music.

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite artists on Spotify.

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“The support from LANDR was big for an independent artist like me. It felt like I had their whole team behind my roll out.”

Grow your career, get more listeners and earn more with your music.

Each Promo Kit includes:

• $5,000 towards a Spotify ad campaign

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• LANDR All Access Pass for 1 year—that includes Mastering, Distribution, Samples, Plugins and more!

• Free promotion on LANDR’s dashboard, social accounts, newsletter and blog

Get the tools and resources to take your music career to the next level.

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How to become a LANDR Rising Artist

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asked questions

How are LANDR Rising Artists selected?

Each month, one artist will be selected by a committee of LANDR distribution and marketing experts. We first consider the quality and creativity of your release. We also take into account your dedication to developing your music and career by looking at your socials, your artist brand and your LANDR profile. We’re looking for passion and substance—not the highest follower count.

To be considered by our committee you MUST:

  • Have at least 1 live Spotify release distributed through LANDR 
  • Be a Spotify Verified Artist
  • Complete your public LANDR profile
  • Post the promolink for your chosen release in the current month’s RAI Application Feed

LANDR is committed to diversity and inclusivity and welcomes applications from artists of all backgrounds and genres.

What will my ads look like?

That depends on you! Our team takes care to ensure that your ads match your brand’s voice and tone.

Spotify currently supports image, audio and video ads. Selected artists may be asked to provide artwork, videos and recordings so our team can create a custom campaign catered to each release.

Audiences and targeting can affect where and how often ads are shown. Our team will track and optimize the ads to ensure maximum reach and impressions.



You’re eligible to apply if you:

• Have at least 1 live Spotify release distributed through LANDR

• Are a Spotify Verified Artist

• Fully complete your public LANDR profile 

How to apply

1. Click “Apply now”

2. Log in to your LANDR account

3. Join the LANDR RAI Project 

4. Complete the application checklist

5. Post the promolink for your chosen release in the RAI Application feed

Let’s work together to build a community with the resources and support artists need to take their music further.

Join the Rising Artist Community to connect with fellow artists, grow your career and get promo tips from the experts. 
Complete your application to get your invitation.

Join a supportive online community 
of musicians

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150+ stores including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Youtube

Keep 100% of your rights and earn money from your music forever

Get full cover song support—we handle the licensing for you

Releases start at just $9. One-time fee, no commitment

Release and sell your music independently with LANDR Distribution

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How do I complete my LANDR profile?

Every LANDR account includes a free LANDR profile for Network. A fully completed profile helps the LANDR team and other potential collaborators get a sense of who you are as an artist and lets you share demos and recent releases with your connections.

Where can I find my promolink?

You can find your promolinks on your “Released” tab in “My Releases.”

Learn more about promolinks

How do I distribute my music through LANDR?

LANDR Distribution lets you release to over 150 platforms and stores. Simply choose your plan, upload your tracks, add your metadata and album art, pick a release date, select your stores and hit submit!

Our Release Wizard walks you through the process and ensures your music adheres to release standards.

Learn about LANDR Distribution

How do I become a Spotify Verified Artist?

Releasing music through us also lets you instantly join the Spotify for Artists program, giving you access to a slew of features and grants you the Spotify Verified Artist status.

Learn more about Spotify for Artists

Where can I find my promolink?

Promolinks can be accessed by clicking the arrow icon       on your “Released” page.

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“The support from LANDR was big for an independent artist like me. It felt like I had their whole team behind my roll out.”


Connect with collaborators, 
showcase your artistry and book Pros through LANDR Network

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to promote your releases, grow your audience and get more plays.

At LANDR Distribution, we love to see artists succeed.

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There were more than 1,000 submissions over the past year and while we couldn’t promote them all, 7 lucky artists got the opportunity to professionally promote their music on Spotify.

Congratulations to:

Mario Williams
Rena Paid
Kaia Höl

It's a wrap!

Make your next release your greatest hit

Join a
supportive online community 
of musicians

“The support from LANDR was big for an independent artist like me. 
It felt like I had their whole team behind my roll out.”

What type of releases can I promote?

Any active Spotify release distributed through LANDR is eligible. A release can be a single, an EP or an album and can include cover songs.

View my releases

Go to my LANDR profile

Can I apply more than once?

You can submit 1 release per month. This can be a single, EP or album. If you submit more than one promolink, we’ll only consider the first link as your RAI application.

If your release isn’t chosen but you still want to be considered for the following month, you will need to reapply, so be sure to 
bookmark this page.

What’s a LANDR All Access Pass?

The LANDR All Access Pass gives artists the tools they need to create, collaborate and release music all for one affordable price. It includes Mastering, Distribution, Samples, Collaboration Tools, LANDR Plugins, and early access to new products and features as a LANDR Insider.

We’re always adding new things to the pass to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Rising Artists will each get a free 1-year All Access Pass subscription.

Learn more about the All Access Pass.