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LANDR Studio

1200 samples credits/yr.

Unlimited MP3 & 36 WAV masters/yr

Unlimited releases to 150+ streaming platforms

8 music plugins from LANDR

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LANDR Studio

Sound flawless with unlimited MP3 & 36 wav masters/yr

Trusted for over 10+ years by industry giants

Release all your songs to 150+ streaming platforms

Find unique sounds for your tracks with 1200 royalty-free sample credits/yr

Better productions & spotless mixes with 30+ plugins

Share your tracks & collaborate in real time

"Before LANDR, I was spending a ton of money on different services and it was really hard to keep track of my projects. 

Now everything is one place, so it’s a lot easier to work on my music.”

Eric | Producer

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Royalty-Free Samples

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2+ million exclusive samples

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Instruments, FX & mixing tools

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Message from the desktop & mobile app

Video chat with hi-res DAW audio streaming

Store projects and get feedback

Share & listen to your music securely

From top plugin makers

LANDR Studio

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