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World class mastering

Professional audio mastering with instant results. Sound like a pro without paying studio rates or complex plug-ins.

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Unlimited storage

Save rough ideas, demos, alternate mixes and masters without worrying about hard drive space or storage fees.

Deliver amazing sound

Polish and balance your sound and make your music ready for streaming or any other playback scenario. Share with confidence.

Get more plays. Sell more music.

Get yourself out there and make it your moment.

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Get more music done with LANDR—all the tools you need to start, finish and sell more music.

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Pro mastering tools for better sound

3 unique styles

Customize your masters with three unique mastering styles: Warm, Balanced and Open.

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Get your music on all major streaming stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and TikTok.

We work for musicians

Release more music

Build your release in minutes—the release wizard walks you through from start to finish.

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Reference tracks

Let inspiration shape your sound with reference tracks. Get the same professional feel and polish for your masters.

Album mastering

Save your settings and master whole EPs and albums in a single click for a streamlined workflow.

your music independently

Get more plays

Choose your stores and promote your music on the platforms where it’ll have the most impact.

Earn more money

Keep 100% of your rights and continue earning royalties even if you cancel—we’ll never take your release down.

You control where and when your music is played. Upload your tracks and album, choose your stores then pause or resume your releases at any time.

We package your metadata, format it perfectly for each streaming service and deliver your release in a single click.

How LANDR Distribution works

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Artists selling music 
for the first time

Starting at $9

Single     $9

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EP & Album     $29

Commission     15%

Artists    1


For serious artists
on a budget


Single     $5

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EP & Album     $15

Commission     9%

Artists    3



For popular artists 
expecting high sales


Single     included

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EP & Album     included

Commission     0%

Artists    8


Get more control over how your music is heard

Keep 100% of your rights

Keep all your rights when you release with LANDR. Your music is always yours. 

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Release to 150+ stores

Get your music to the stores that matter including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram and more.

Cover song licensing

Take the fuss out of releasing cover songs. We handle the licensing so you can focus on the music.


Tracks released to date


Spotify Streams


Earnings Collected

Releasing music should be easy. With LANDR, this is all you need:

✓  WAV files of your tracks

✓  Album art

✓  Clearance for any samples you used

✓  Your artist info

It really is that easy!

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Promote your music and get more plays

Don’t stop at distribution—LANDR makes promotion easy with promolinks.

Every release comes with a custom-built promo page designed to let your fans find your music wherever they listen. Just share the link and watch the streams roll in.

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