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We take the combined knowledge of hundreds of engineers, and data from millions of mastered tracks and condense it all into a simple Drag & Drop interface.

Basically, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

An adaptive, A.I.-driven mastering engine means you get the perfect master for your DJ set. No presets. No overcompression. No "slamming through a limiter.”

With LANDR, you're seconds away from amazing sound.

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"LANDR can actually help you FINISH your music...that critical, final, elusive, mysterious step has been demystified. And the results speak for themselves."


DJ, Producer, Founder of Turbo Recordings


How Does It Work? —

Our powerful cloud-based mastering tool is driven by sofisticated algorythms that understand the subtleties that make every song unique. 

LANDR listens to and analyses your music, then applies a custom set of tools and parameters for each song.

Genre detection ensures that your track is mastered the right way. No presets. No overcompression. No "slamming through a limiter". Just intelligent mastering at incredibly affordable rates.

"LANDR is an affordable groundbreaking technology. It offers a quality finish that stands up to any major label release."

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Keep control over your work. Tweak a few settings to refine your sound. 

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LANDR x Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik and LANDR hooked up 3 years ago to bring
 top-level sound quality to world-class DJs.

We're loved and trusted by 950,000 creators and companies around the globe -
including Nas, SoundCloud, Warner Music Group, and more.

The first and only automated mastering
service made exclusively for DJs. 

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