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Why master with LANDR?

Professional quality mastering, available 24/7, zero turnaround time, and delivery in minutes.

LANDR saves you an average of $150/song 
compared to traditional mastering.

We're loved and trusted by 1.7 milllion creators and companies around the globe - including Nas, SoundCloud, Warner Music Group, and more.

Quick turnaround.

Use LANDR for final masters, demos, or mix referencing.

Keep control over your work.
Tweak a few settings to refine your sound.

Get unlimited support 

from our team of highly-trained technical staff and audio engineers.

How it works

We take the combined knowledge of hundreds of engineers, and data from millions of mastered tracks and condense it all into a simple Drag & Drop interface.

Basically, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

An adaptive, A.I.-driven mastering engine means you get the perfect master for your track. No presets. No overcompression. No "slamming through a limiter.”

With LANDR, you're seconds away from amazing sound.

"LANDR offers a quality finish that stands up to any major label release."

Rapper, Songwriter & Record Producer

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