Upload your tracks and album art once, and release to every streaming service at the same time. You control exactly where your music goes, or doesn’t go.

We aggregate your information, format it perfectly for every service, and send it to all stores in one click.

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How LANDR Distribution works

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Tracks released today


Spotify Streams


Earnings Collected

Release & Sell Your Music Independently

Digital music distribution for independent minded artists. Partner with LANDR and sell your music on Spotify, Apple Music and every streaming platform, today.

What do I need to release with LANDR?

✓  WAV files of your tracks

✓  Album art

✓  Clearance for any samples you used

✓  Your artist info

That’s it, you’re ready to put your music out to the world

Digital Music Distribution in 3 Simple Steps




Choose your stores and countries


Go get a coffee, you’re already done

How simple is it?

Release your music easily to every streaming service at once.

Add your album art

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One link to promote your single

Once your tracks are released, we put all your streaming links together in one custom-built page, designed just for your music.

Share one link for all your platforms, and make it easier for your fans to listen.

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“LANDR is the future. You might as well get used to it now.”

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Expert tips for better music making.

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Release & Sell Your Music Independently

Get your music on every streaming service at once. Keep all the money you make. 


Artists selling music 
for the first time

Starting at $9

Single     $9

Get started free

EP & Album     $29

Commission     15%

Artists    1

Put your music out

Release your music easily to every streaming service at once.

Get plays

Get on playlists, share your music with fans, and start getting heard.

Get paid

Keep 100% of what you make and withdraw directly to PayPal.

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For serious artists
on a budget


Single     $5

Choose this plan

EP & Album     $15

Commission     9%

Artists    3



For popular artists 
expecting high sales


Single     included

Choose this plan

EP & Album     included

Commission     0%

Artists    8


Tools for modern musicians

Monetize on popular platforms

Get paid when people listen to or use your music on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Mastered for streaming

LANDR has built-in instant mastering - so you can stand out from the noise.

Support by musicians

Our support team is made up of artists and musicians who are here to help you throughout your journey.

Cover songs

Get your cover songs out there without any hassle, and we’ll handle all licensing and royalties.

Spotify for Artists

Instantly get a Spotify verified blue check mark, gain access to Spotify’s in-depth stats and control your artist profile.

Set a release date

Set a specific release date and sync up all of your promotional efforts.