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Great experience using LANDR for nearly 3 years. They have a great support team and music mastering service which in my opinion is the best in the industry.

Looking forward to another year of music distribution with them that’s helping to build my music career.” 

Nick Hayes | Artist

LANDR is the best. I'd used their mastering service before they launched distribution, and it was always the last stop before I released a song - whenever I thought a song was at 100%, LANDR would just take it to 101%. Then they launched their distro service, and I immediately stopped using TuneCore. It was so much more intuitive and approachable, from the actual data entry to the user interface. Plus, I felt like I had a lot more transparency and control over the release than I used to - it felt more like it was still MINE.” 

Scott Kulicke | Artist

I began using LANDR in 2017 through a partnership with my publishing company, and have continued to use the service on my own for years. When I encounter account or platform issues, a ticked I submit is answered incredibly quick. The LANDR support staff are remarkably helpful and talk to you like a person — exactly how you would want any sort of issue to be resolved. I’ve never had a problem persist more than 24 hours, and can’t recommend the service enough for anyone looking for a good mastering and distribution platform.” 

Jordan Roether | Artist

Frequently asked questions

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  • What do I need to release my music?

    Mastered WAV or FLAC files.
    LANDR is proud to send only high-quality audio files to platforms and stores. Use our AI-based online mastering service and get the file format you need for distribution.

    Release information (metadata)
    You will need to provide artist name(s), song and album titles and other basic information related to your release. Everything you enter gets saved as metadata, and we'll format it all the right way for you.

    Album art
    Make sure your cover art is a JPG or PNG of at least 3000 x 3000 pixels.

    Sample clearance
    Make sure you have all of the required clearances for your release if it contains samples. Looking for an easier solution to sample clearance? Explore our Samples library to discover over 2 millions royalty-free sounds to find the perfect fit.

  • Can I update information (metadata) on a live release?


    Users with Pro or LANDR Studio plans can update certain types of information on live releases.

  • Can I release my cover song?


    LANDR charges a cover license fee of $15 USD per track, providing you with a mechanical license that allows you to distribute your version without issue. The fee goes towards securing the rights to the song and paying royalties on digital downloads/streams.

  • How does collecting royalties work?

    When you put out a new release, it will usually take about 90 days for streaming services and digital stores to begin sending earnings to us to then distribute to you.

    Once we receive it, you’ll see it in the “Earnings” section of your release dashboard. You need to have a PayPal account to withdraw your earnings.

    Your net income will appear in the bank account associated with your LANDR account the first week of every month.

  • How do I migrate my catalog to LANDR from a previous distributor?

    Migrating distributions may seem tricky, but it is possible and can help you streamline your LANDR music production workflow.

    You need to provide the same ISRC codes and identical metadata when resubmitting tracks from your previous distributor.
    Everything in the metadata including the original track's length can affect whether or not your release will "merge" in stores and properly report your streaming data.

    Here’s what you’ll need to look out for:
    - Your song title, artist name and artwork must be exactly the same
    - Audio files must be identical. Track length and format must match exactly.
    - The type of release (album, EP, single) must be the same
    - Use the original ISRC and UPC numbers
    - Your original release date must be used
    - Your previous release should remain live until after your LANDR release goes live on your selected stores and platforms. You will have two identical releases live at the same time, but don’t worry. That’s normal. Spotify will show this as “1 More Release.”

    Once your tracks have been approved, live in stores with LANDR and they’ve "merged" in the store, you can issue a takedown with your previous distributor. This should ensure that your stats are carried over to your LANDR releases.

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